Jan. 2014: Oldest living writers/illustrators
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2014-01-06 00:05:53 UTC
From around the world.

(I was going to include the British nonfiction writer Frances Wilkins, but I can't find any recent biographical information on her.)

Over 100:

1909 Silvio Zavala (Mexican historian), Michio Mado (Japanese poet & 1994 Hans Christian Andersen Medalist),
1911 Bel Kaufman (American novelist: “Up the Down Staircase”), Said Akl (Lebanese poet/playwright)
1912 E.R. Braithwaite (Guyanese author: "To Sir With Love"), M.H. Abrams (American literary critic),
1913 Boris Pahor (Slovene-Italian poet/novelist)

Children's writers and illustrators over 90 (mostly from the "Something About the Author" encyclopedia series, which has 260 volumes):

Margaret Rau ("Holding up the Sky: Young People in China," 1983)

Jean Fritz (Historian: "The Double Life of Pocahontas," 1987)

Beverly Cleary ("Ramona the Pest," 1968)
Asta Vender (Estonian illustrator)

Pascuala Corona (aka Teresa Castello Yturbide, Mexican folklorist & 1996 Hans Christian Andersen Medal nominee)
Barbee Carleton ("Mystery of the Witches' Bridge," 1967)
Frank Modell ("New Yorker" and "Sesame Street" cartoonist)
Lillian Morrison (Poet & compiler: "I Scream, You Scream: A Feast of Food Rhymes," 1997)
Dahlov Ipcar (Painter/writer: "The Biggest Fish in the Sea," 1972)
Rhoda Blumberg (1986 Newbery Honor: "Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun")
Frances Wosmek (Artist/writer: "Sky High" aka "Twinkle Tot Tales" - 1949)
Ruth Robbins (Illustrator: "A Wizard of Earthsea" & 1961 Caldecott Medalist)

Ann Tompert (folklorist, "The Little Fox Who Went to the End of the World," 1976)
Lyn Cook (aka Evelyn Waddell, Canadian YA novelist)
Joe Krush (Mary Norton's "The Borrowers" illustrator)
Margaret J. Baker (1963 Carnegie nominee, "Castaway Christmas")
James Aldridge (Australian YA writer)
Marcia Brown (reteller/illustrator of "Stone Soup" & 3-time Caldecott Medalist)
Elisabeth P. Myers (Biographer: "Pearl S. Buck: Literary Girl")
Alice Provensen (Illustrator: Margaret Wise Brown's "The Color Kittens")
Sara Corrin (British editor: "Stories for Seven-Year-Olds and Other Young Readers")
Hap Gilliland ("Legends of Chief Bald Eagle" 2005)
Molly L. Cone ("Mishmash" humorous dog series, 1962-1982)
Alton Raible (Illustrator for Zilpha Keatley Snyder)
Helga Sandburg ("Blueberry" 1963 - & daughter of Carl)
Daihachi Ohta (Japanese illustrator & HCA nominee, 1970, 2002, 2004, 2006)

Jeanne Bendick (Science writer/illustrator: "Galen and the Gateway to Medicine," 2003)
Paule Cloutier Daveluy (Canadian YA author, "L'Ete enchante," 1958)
Pete Seeger ("Abiyoyo")
Lennart Hellsing (Swedish poet and HCA nominee, 1994, 2010, 2012)
Lynne Gessner (1977 Newbery nominee: "Navajo Slave")
Joe Lasker (Painter/writer: "Merry Ever After: The Story of Two Medieval Weddings," 1976)
Jo Manton Gittings (two-time Carnegie nominee)
Alison Jezard (British writer of "Albert" bear series)
Siny van Iterson (Dutch-Colombian mystery writer and 1972 HCA nominee)
Lee Kingman (aka Lee Kingman Natti: Horn Book editor and author of "The Peter Pan Bag," 1970)
Felice Holman ("Slake's Limbo," 1974)
Peggy Fortnum (British illustrator of "Paddington Bear")

Margaret Hillert, ("Dear Dragon" preschool series, 1980s)
Hazel Krantz ("100 Pounds of Popcorn," 1961)
Edna Anita Miller (Writer/illustrator, "Mousekin" series, 1964-1992)
Richard Adams (1972 Carnegie Medalist: "Watership Down")
Jean Kenward (British writer: "Ragdolly Anna" series)
Arnold Bare (Illustrator: 1944 Caldecott Honor: Lee Kingman's "Pierre Pidgeon")
Milton Dank (Biographer: "Albert Einstein" 1983)
Barthe DeClements ("Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade," 1981)
Margaret Paice (Australian writer/illustrator)
Margaret Bloy Graham (Canadian illustrator: Gene Zion's "Harry the Dirty Dog," 1956)
Michael Brown (Broadway lyricist & writer of "Santa Mouse," 1966, with illustrator Elfrieda De Witt)

Jan Slepian (“The Alfred Summer,” 1980)
Olga Cossi (“The Magic Box,” 1990)
Patricia Robins (aka Claire Lorrimer, British writer: “Sea Magic,” 1946)
Al Jaffee (MAD cartoonist)
Dorothy M. Martin (Protestant “Peggy” mystery series, 1957-1976)
Arabelle Wheatley (Nature illustrator)
Alice T. Gilbreath (1970s crafts/nature writer)
Ruth McCrea (Illustrator: “Japanese Fairy Tales” 1958)
George E. Laycock (Nature writer: "Never Pet a Porcupine," 1965)
Lois Lamplugh (British novelist: "Sean's Leap," 1979)
Jean Darby (Nature writer)
Helen Challand (science writer)
Alicia Morel (Chilean poet & 2000 HCA nominee)
Belinda Hurmence ("A Girl Called Boy," 1982)
Lee Roddy (Writer of Protestant mystery/adventure)
Martha Tolles ("Who's Reading Darci's Diary?" 1984)
Stella Pevsner (YA novelist: "And You Give Me a Pain, Elaine" 1978)
Val Biro (Hungarian writer/illustrator of British "Gumdrop" antique car series)
Joyce Cooper Arkhurst (reteller of "The Adventures of Spider: West African Folk Tales" with Jerry Pinkney, 1964)
Leonard Kessler (Writer/illustrator of "Mr Pine" series)
Brent Ashabranner (Peace Corps, histories, biographies, sociology)

Jean Bethell ("The Monkey in the Rocket," 1962, with Sergio Leone)
Joan Heilbroner ("Robert, the Rose Horse," 1962)
Art Shay (Non-fiction photographer: "What Happens" series)
Mimi Korach (Illustrator: Donald Hall's "String Too Short to be Saved," 1960)
John Rowe Townsend (Carnegie Honours: 1963 & 1969)
Clare Romano Ross (Painter/illustrator: "Longfellow's Poems")
Mildred Pitts Walter (1987 Coretta Scott King Medalist: "Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World")
Roy Doty (Cartoonist: Judy Blume's "Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing")
Sonia Gidal (German writer: 1956-1974 "My Village" series)
Hans Peterson (Swedish author of "Magnus" series; 1976 HCA nominee)
Francisco Marins (Brazilian writer & HCA nominee: 1976 & 1978)
Judith Spearing ("Ghosts Who Went to School," 1966)
Barbara Brooks Wallace ("Peppermints in the Parlor," 1980)
Stan Lee ("Spider-Man")
Jane Langton ("The Diamond in the Window," 1962, & murder mystery writer)

Rosemary Harris (1968 Carnegie Medalist: "The Moon in the Cloud")
Erik Blegvad (Danish illustrator: "Bed-Knob & Broomstick")
Helen R. Caswell (Episcopal writer/illustrator: "God Must Like to Laugh," 1987)
Paul Sagsoorian (illustrator of Jay Williams' "Danny Dunn" series)
Gloria Kamen (writer/illustrator: "Edward Lear, King of Nonsense," 1990)
Paula Fox (1974 Newbery Medalist: "The Slave Dancer" & 1978 HCA Medalist)
Louise Meriwether ("Daddy Was a Numbers Runner," 1970)
Chester Aaron (YA novelist: "Gideon," 1982)
Angela Banner (British writer/illustrator of "Ant & Bee" preschool series)
Judith Kerr (German-British novelist: "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit," 1971)
Joseph Schindelman (illustrator: "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory")
John K. Tully (British author of "Starpol" series)
Josep Vallverdú (Catalan poet/novelist/playwright & 1988 HCA nominee)
Ashley Bryan (2-time Coretta Scott King Medalist & 2006 HCA nominee)
Mari Evans (poet: "Singing Black!" 1974)
William Wise (biographer: "Albert Einstein," 1960)
Rosamond V.P. Kaufman (adapter: "UNICEF Book of Children's Legends," 1970)
Leone C. Anderson ("Sean's War," 1998)
Ruth Gannett (1949 Newbery Honor: "My Father's Dragon")
Emma Smith (1973 Carnegie nominee: "No Way of Telling")
Mort Walker (cartoonist: "Beetle Bailey")
Michael Grater (British artist: "Cut and Fold an English Village")
Rosemary Anne Sisson (British screenwriter: "The Wind in the Willows," 1983)
Iona Opie (British folklorist & editor, "I Saw Esau," 1992)
Nicholas Fisk (British sci-fi writer, "Starstormer Saga")
Gloria Whelan (National Book Award: "Homeless Bird," 2000)
Morrie Turner (cartoonist: "Wee Pals" & TV's "Kid Power")
Lyuben Zidarov (Bulgarian illustrator & HCA nominee: 1974 & 1978)

Donald Gordon Payne (British author, aka Ian Cameron & James Vance Marshall: "Walkabout," 1959)

Adult writers (mostly from genarians.com)

In their 90s:

1914 Claire Martin, Georges-Emmanuel Clancier, Nicanor Parra

1915 Khushwant Singh, Jean Anglade, Leo Vroman, Herman Wouk, Grace Lee Boggs, María Rostworowski

1916 Peter Geach, Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Owen Chadwick, Bernard Lewis, Neagu Djuvara, Eric Bentley, Mary Stewart, Julian Kawalec

1917 Lise Nørgaard, Robert Conquest, Adolf Burger, Richard C. Hottelet, Samuel W. Allen, Diana Athill

1918 William Jay Smith, James MacGregor Burns, Richard Hoggart, Henri Vernes, René de Obaldia

1919 Daniil Granin, Peter H Abrahams, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Alexander Eliot, Huston Smith, Michel Déon

1920 Marcos Ana, Benoîte Groult, Edmonde Charles-Roux, P.D. James, Roger Angell

1921 Richard P. Wilbur, Wilson Harris, Marie Ponsot, Carol Emshwiller, Gabriel Okara, Daniel Berrigan, Farley Mowat, Ray Lawler, Edgar Morin, Julia Hartwig, Tadeusz Rozewicz, Ilse Aichinger, Sergeanne Golon, Dobrica Cosic

1922 Gertrude Himmelfarb, Mavis Gallant, Bernard Weisberger, Bernard Bailyn, Paul Kuttner, Agustina Bessa-Luis, Angel Wagenstein

1923 John Knoepfle, Edward Lueders, François Cavanna, Zander Hollander, Ralph Giordano, Geoffrey Ashe, Lygia Fagundes Telles, Fina Garcia Marruz, Carlos Bousoño, Peter Gay, Yves Bonnefoy, Nicholas Mosley, Richard Pipes, James Gunn, Morris Halle, Ann Livesay Sutton, Uri Avnery, Dannie Abse, J.S. Borthwick, Yaşar Kemal, Elizabeth Eisenstein, Ida Vitale, Józef Hen, Arthur Gregor, Nadine Gordimer, René Girard,

Jacques Le Goff

2014-01-08 17:53:09 UTC
Clearly, I should have moved Maragret Rau to the over-100 list.

One more name for the children's list: Pieter van Raven, who should be listed in 1923 after Paula Fox.

Born James Edward Duffy, he won the Scott O'Dell Award in 1990 for Historical Fiction for "A Time of Troubles." (Not to be confused with the 60-ish James Duffy, author of "The Gladiators of the Empire Novels" series.)